Hey guys!
My name is Carlos Armando, I am the solo developer and maintainer of this project.
I mapped all the information available on players hotkeys throughout seven years, and now I have decided to share all this information with the dota2 community.
If you wish to contribute with the project, keep in mind that there are three ways to do so.

The first way is with information regarding players hotkeys and their dota2 configurations. So if you have any information that we currently don't have, click here to send me it via email or you can tweet it to me at @Carmando524

The second way is with code (as you guys can see, i'm not the best web developer xD), so any web development help is welcome.

The third and last way is if you really liked the project and wish to contribute donating. Keep in mind that we do not run ads or annoying popups around here so if you want to contribute to the hosting you can click here to donate using paypal.